The following rates are in effect for 2024-2025 and are subject to change without notice:

  • Application fee: $30.00
  • Audit fees:  Paid at the same rate as regular tuition.
  • International Student Application fee: $30.00
  • Lab fees: Vary
  • YVC Service Fee – Photo ID: $0.06
  • YVC Service Fee – Commencement: $0.09
  • YVC Service Fee – Parking/Safety: $0.85
  • YVC Service Fee – Tutoring/Learning Centers: $3.50
  • Technology use fee: $4.50 per credit
  • eLearning fee: $4.50 per credit
  • Student Activity fee: $12.71 per credit

Registration fees and tuition are to be paid in accordance with tuition deadlines. Students who have not paid by the specified deadline may be dropped from classes. Students must not assume they will be dropped from a class if they fail to pay tuition.

Note: All tuition and fee rates are subject to change without notice.