Grade Roster Q&A

Q: I see an “Access Gradebook” icon next to my Class Name. Is this  a Grade Roster?

A: No. Gradebook allows faculty to grade course assignments. YVC is not using this option. Faculty will continue using Canvas to manage course assignments. You will use Grade Roster to enter and submit end-of-quarter grades.

Q: Am I able to enter and save “draft” grades before they are ready for final submission?

A: Yes. After entering your draft grades, you click “Save” then proceed to the “Action Approval Status” field dropdown box & make sure “Not Reviewed” is selected. If it isn’t, select it, then click “Save” again. When ready to submit your grades, you’ll change the “Not Reviewed” option to “Approve”, then “Save” once more. This action will then post your grades to the Registrar.

Q: How do I change a student’s grade after I have entered final grades, approved them for the course, and saved?

A: Faculty are unable to change grades on a roster with an “Approved” status displaying (in the Action Approval Status field) after they have been saved. However, you can change the status to “Not Reviewed” to change grades, then change the status to “Approved” once more and click Save before the grade post-process runs.

 Q: How do I know my grades were successfully approved and submitted?

A: You can verify if grades were successfully approved by navigating to the Grade Roster; the Grade Roster Action Approval Status field will state “Approved. If the roster has been posted, you will see the word “Posted” next to the Approval Status field.

Q: I’m missing students from my Grade Roster. Where are their names?

A: There are only 20 students listed per page. If you have more than 20 students on your Grade Roster, you must click the little arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the grade roster to get to the “next page”.

Q: I see I could post a “Transcript Note”. What information may I enter?

A: DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IF YOU SEE THIS OPTION. It should already be disabled. It literally posts these notes directly on the student’s official transcript. If allowed to enter anything in this field, the Registrar must manually remove it.

Q: Will I submit a Grade Change request in the Grade Roster?

A: No. This option is currently disabled. Please email for a grade change.

Q: How can I review any “I” Incomplete grades or “Y” Ongoing grades I issued from previous quarters?

A: In the Faculty Center application on the My Schedule page, click the Change Term button and select a previous quarter. Next to one of your course names, click on the Access Gradebook icon. It is the second icon from the left of the icons list next to each class title name. NOTE: It will be the third icon from the left when Grade Rosters are available.

On the Gradebook page, click on “Requirement Designation” which is the 4th item to the right of the “Go To” row, just below the class information box. This will show a different view of your roster and will have an “I” or “Y” grade for any students who received one.

Q: What happened to my course(s) item numbers? They look very different in ctcLink.

A: The previous course item number is now called “Class Number” and is five digits in length. NOTE: Please always include your Class Number when asking for assistance with a class or grade roster issue.