Class Roster Q&A

Q: After looking at a class roster, how do I return to my course list?

A: On the left-side vertical navigation bar, click the “My Schedule” page link. This will take you back to your course list.

Q: Is it possible to print my class roster?

A: Yes. Scroll to the bottom of your class roster screen then scroll to the far right side. Click the “Printer-friendly Version” link.

 Q: Students have withdrawn from my current course but I don’t see a “W” next to their name on my course roster. How do I know if a student withdrew during the quarter?

A: In the Faculty Center application on the My Schedule page, click on the Access Gradebook icon. It is the second icon from the left of the icons list next to each class title name. NOTE: It will become the third icon from the left when Grade Rosters are available.

On the Gradebook page, click on “Requirement Designation” which is the fourth item to the right of “Go To”, just below the class information box. This will show a different view of your roster and should have a “W” shown for any students who have withdrawn.

 Q: When registering for classes, my students are being prompted for entry and/or permission codes. Are these available in ctcLink?

A: No. Contact your division office about instructions for receiving entry codes.

Q: May I add an overload student to my course in ctcLink?

A: No. Contact your division office or the registrar about instructions for adding overload students to your courses.

Q: What happened to my course(s) item numbers? They look very different in ctcLink.

A: The previous course item number is now called “Class Number” and is five digits in length. NOTE: Please always include your Class Number when asking for assistance with a class or grade roster issue.