Account Activation Q&A

Q: How will I get my new ctcLink ID number?

A: For faculty or returning students, you get your new ctcLink ID number (called EMPLID in the system) when you activate your ctcLink account. Be sure to write down your new number when you get it and keep it in a safe place.  You can locate your new EMPLID here:  Find your ctcLink EMPLID

Q: Will the ctcLink ID number replace my SID?

A: Yes, if you previously had a SID your ctcLink ID number replaces your old SID.

 Q: Will my ctcLink password be the same as my Yakima Valley College network login? 

A: While this is a possibility for the future, right now employees and students should anticipate having a unique password for the ctcLink system. To log in, use your ctcLink ID number (EMPLID) and a password. The EMPLID replaces your SID.

Q: What if I already have a ctcLink ID number from another college?

A: If you have already received a ctcLink ID number from another college, you do not need to activate your account or receive a new number. The ctcLink ID number you already have is what you will use.

Q: What if I’m an instructor and also a student or staff member?

A: The “applications” you will see in your ctcLink access correspond to your roles at Yakima Valley College. Important note: the contact information you enter through the “Personal Details” tile in Employee Self Service will override the contact information you enter through the “Profile” tile in Student Self Service.

Q: Will new employees be active in ctcLink before their first day?

A: Human Resources do most of the set-up for new employees before their first day, but employees themselves must enter key pieces of information (including selecting a password and setting security questions) to activate their ctcLink accounts. For most employees, account activation will occur during the first day on the job.