Industrial Irrigation Equipment in Farm Field

YVC’s Vineyard and Winery Technology Program Offers New Courses for Agriculture Professionals

Yakima, WA – Starting winter quarter 2020 YVC’s Vineyard and Winery Technology program is excited to offer new courses geared at professional development for the local agriculture industry. Winter quarter begins January 2, 2020. Please see details below.

Irrigation Principles: This 5 credit hour/week hybrid course offers comprehensive exposure to locally relevant irrigation programs. Students will learn how to calculate water needs and delivery, troubleshoot common irrigation issues, and design systems that best fit their irrigation needs. This is a hands-on course, and will include field day observations of various irrigation systems in use.

Time: 4:10-5:00pm
Day: Monday and Wednesday
Location: Yakima & Grandview Campus

Postharvest Physiology: This 5 credit hour/week hybrid course teaches economically important changes in fruit and vegetable crops once they are harvested. Students will be taught to identify various undesirable conditions in stored produce, their causes, and how to lessen their occurrence using a variety of modern industry practices. This is a laboratory course, and students will conduct storage research relative to the fruit and vegetable industry in Eastern Washington.

Time: 5:15-6:25pm
Day: Monday and Wednesday
Location: Yakima & Grandview Campus

Spanish for the Grape and Wine Industry: A beginners/intermediate conversational Spanish workshop series designed for the grape and wine industry with a strong emphasis on oral and written communication. It covers basic grammar, as well as vocabulary and situations pertinent to vineyard and winery operations. Topics include: soil preparation, irrigation, planting, pruning, canopy management, disease and pest control, harvesting, crushing and pressing the fruit, winery sanitation and safety.

Time: 5:00-6:30pm
Day: Tuesday and Thursday beginning January 14 through February 20
Location: Grandview Campus
Cost: $110 + $45 for Textbook

For more information please contact YVC Agriculture Department Chair Trent Ball at 509.882.7007 or Reserve your space for this workshop.

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