Ready to explore the universe and different cultures? Yakima Valley College has a class for that

Yakima Valley College has a long history of offering programs and classes that build multicultural awareness and help students think outside the box, and summer quarter is no different. Whether you’re just starting to examine issues around culture, or Native populations or you’re looking to build upon your knowledge base and widen your worldview, there’s a class for you.

Registration is under way for summer quarter classes and classes begin June 24. Read on for our list of classes with a multicultural focus:

SOC& 101, Introduction to Sociology: This course is a survey of the discipline and introduction to significant concepts, theories and research methods of sociology.  

AIIS 101, Introduction to American Indian and Indigenous Studies: This course provides a historic and contemporary perspective on the social, political and cultural issues of the Indigenous peoples of North America.

CHST 120, Chican@s Art & Culture: Assesses the folklore and cultural development of the Chicano/a community. Opportunity will be provided for intensive study of the literary, cultural and artistic achievements of Chicano/a people.

PHIL& 101, Introduction to Philosophy: Introduction to Philosophy exposes students to major tools, problems and domains of philosophy. Students engage in the activity of philosophizing through the use of historical and contemporary readings. Questions addressed include: Are my beliefs all a matter of opinion? What is reality? What is truth? Does God exist? Am I free? Does science give us knowledge?

PHIL& 115, Critical Thinking: This class provides an informal, non-symbolic introduction to logic and critical thinking emphasizing real-life examples, natural language applications and the informal logical fallacies. Students learn the concept of an argument, learn how to distinguish arguments from non-arguments and study different patterns of argumentation. Students also learn how to critically evaluate arguments and how to construct arguments of their own.

ASTR& 100, Survey of Astronomy: This course is a survey of astronomy without a mathematical approach. The major topics include the universe, solar system, characteristics and motions of stars, nebulae and galaxies, time systems and celestial coordination.

Openings are also still available for summer quarter in many prerequisite courses such as math, English and biology. View the full summer class schedule.

No matter where you’re going, YVC is the place to start! With many academic options, you can earn the training, degree or certificate you need to get a great job, earn credits that transfer to a four-year university or just to brush up on skills in an area that interests you. YVC’s open-door policy enables all community members to enroll without regard for their past educational record.

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Are you interested in enrolling in a class or two for personal enrichment, professional development or just plain fun? Non-degree seeking students, those not intending to obtain a degree or certificate, are welcome to enroll in courses that total 11 credits or less per quarter. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

Senior citizens, 60 years of age or older and who are Washington state residents, can take advantage of the Gold Card Program. This program allows seniors to attend state-supported classes at a reduced cost on a space-available basis. Gold Card participants may enroll on the third day of the quarter or when the class has met at least once, whichever is later.

YVC is a public institution of higher education dedicated to strengthening our communities by providing opportunities for personal enrichment, economic mobility and sociocultural engagement. Founded in 1928, YVC serves all students holistically, supports all students’ learning goals, and fosters achievement within career and educational pathways. As a federally designated Hispanic-serving Institution residing on the traditional homelands of the 14 Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation, YVC cultivates equity and a culture of innovative and inclusive teaching and learning.

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