Nursing program showcases new patient simulation equipment

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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

With the help of grant funding, YVC’s Nursing program recently acquired a new top-of-the-line training manikin known as Next Generation Harvey®.  A cardiopulmonary patient simulator, Harvey brings a level of realism to the classroom not previously available to YVC students.

This bedside teaching system has proven to teach cardiac and respiratory assessment skills that transfer to real patients, says Nursing Program Director E’Raina Hatch.

“Harvey will help YVC students meet milestones and benchmarks to improve patient care and can be utilized in many learning environments and for different styles of learners, including a small group and faculty-led settings,” said Hatch.

Harvey is easily portable and can be brought into the classroom and integrated along with the student lectures. Students will be able to continue practicing by using the e-learning curriculum that allows for self-paced, repetitive practice. With 50 preprogrammed scenarios including both adult and pediatric diseases, Harvey provides students with the opportunity to see a wider range of scenarios than they would during their clinical hours in the hospital, making them more equipped to enter the workforce.

Like other high-fidelity simulators used by YVC’s nursing program, Harvey will provide students with additional heart and lung disease conditions as well as the ability to feel and see the patient jugular venous impulses in the neck and chest wall impulses that move according to the various disease conditions as well as bilateral carotid, brachial, radial and femoral artery pulses.

With the vast majority of YVC graduates staying right here in the Yakima Valley, Hatch believes this new equipment will help provide better care to patients and elevate the quality of care our entire community receives.

On December 13, YVC nursing faculty and students will give demonstrations of what learning will be like with the new Next Generation Harvey® – The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator.

YVC offers a six-quarter program (two academic years) that leads to an Associate in Nursing Direct Transfer Degree (ADN-DTA/MRP) as well as a four-quarter program (one academic year) that leads to a Practical Nurse Certificate.