YVC announces graduates for fall quarter 2022

Yakima Valley College is pleased to announce graduates for fall quarter 2022. This quarter YVC awarded degrees and certificates, including bachelor of applied science, transfer degrees, professional/technical degrees and certificates, to more than 60 students. Included is a list of graduates by city and their degree/certificate earned.

YVC Graduate List Fall 2022

YVC offers more than 55 degrees and 100 certificates including five bachelor of applied science programs. Our students can enroll in programs in adult basic education, English Language Acquisition, lower division arts and sciences, professional and technical education, and personal enrichment.

The completion of long-awaited goals is a culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice for many students but is also for those who have supported them during their educational journeys noted President Linda Kaminski.

“Student success is central to the mission and goals of Yakima Valley College,” stated Kaminski. “Watching our graduates complete their degrees and certificates revitalizes and inspires us all to continue in our efforts to provide quality education to the residents of the Yakima Valley.”

This quarter’s graduates, like thousands of previous YVC graduates, will go on to be lifelong achievers and leaders in the community and throughout the world.

“Learning is a lifelong process and most education takes place outside the classroom,” stated Kaminski. “I encourage each graduate to embrace each new experience and every challenge as an opportunity to further their education and to succeed. Believe in yourself and, whatever path you choose to follow, make a difference.”

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