Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is offered through Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), and is required for all students seeking admission to the YVC Nursing Program. Results must be submitted electronically from ATI, if taken at a location other than YVC. This test is intended for students who have completed or are near completion of required prerequisite coursework as some content in the exam may relate to content in these courses.

The TEAS will assess in reading, writing, math, and science. Students must score at the “BASIC” level or higher in each area.

TEAS Minimum Scores by Category-Effective on June 1, 2019

Category Minimum Score
Reading 69.0%
Math 63.3%
Science 45.8%
English and language usage 60.0%

In addition, the overall TEAS score must be at the Proficient level of 58.7% or higher.

Applicants will receive no more than 10 points on their application based on the TEAS test results. TEAS application points are found by taking the Adjusted Individual Total Score and dividing that by 10.

How much does it cost?

YVC has two fees associated with the TEAS test. The first fee is a testing site fee of $20.00, paid at the Cashiers office in the Deccio Higher Education Center. The second fee of $55.00 is for the exam and is paid directly to ATI at time of exam with either a debit or credit card. Proof of payment for the testing site fee and picture ID are required to present to the exam proctor at time of exam.

Where may I take the TEAS?

The TEAS is offered through the YVC proctored computer lab in the Deccio Higher Education Center, Building 8 on the Yakima Campus and at other regional locations through PSI (ATI).

Number of attempts allowed.

The TEAS may be taken twice an academic year; however, YVC will only accept a maximum of two attempts for the TEAS within 2 years of the application deadline. If the applicant submits more than two TEAS results within two years of the application deadline, only the highest score of the first two results will be used for the admission purposes. ​

Taking the test at YVC

Students may visit the Deccio Higher Education Center lab schedule for operation hours and lab testing times.

How do I test at YVC?

  1. Visit Creating a user account with ATI, prior to visiting the YVC lab.
  2. Do not select the option “Register for TEAS” if taking the exam at YVC.
  3. If testing at YVC, step 1 is all you can do until you go to the lab to take the TEAS.
  4. On testing day, In the YVC Lab, students log in to ATI at www.atitesting.com.
  5. Select “My eLearning” once the students’ page loads. This takes you to where the Assessment ID is entered.
  6. The proctor will enter the assessment ID for the student. If the student has not paid yet for their exam, they will be prompted to do so here before the exam will begin. It can be paid by credit or debit card.

Testing at a location other than YVC

If a student has taken the TEAS somewhere other than YVC, those test results are sent to the Nursing Department through ATI. Select Yakima Valley CC ADN when prompted. The Nursing department is able to retrieve test scores for those individuals who take the TEAS at YVC.

Assessment Technologies Institute will allow one free result to be sent to the school of your choice. There is a fee associated with each additional school where results are sent. TEAS test results must be sent to the nursing department directly from ATI. The YVC Nursing Program cannot accept transcripts directly from the student.


Contact the Nursing Department for additional information about the TEAS.