New Student Admission Steps

Spring Quarter Admission Deadlines

February 20

Last day to submit all transcripts (college and high school) for evaluation.

February 29

Last day to complete placement and schedule New Student Orientation.

Summer Quarter Admission Deadlines

May 24

Last day to submit all transcripts (college and high school) for evaluation.

May 29

Last day to complete placement and schedule New Student Orientation.

Step 1 

 Step 2 

  • If you need financial assistance to pay for college, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA). Apply for Financial Aid (
  • Completing the FAFSA/WAFSA as early as possible is recommended. After submitting your requested information, it takes about 2-6 weeks to review your information and determine eligibility.
  • Determination of Financial Aid Awards cannot be determined until you are registered for classes.  Funds typically apply to your tuition and fees a couple of days before each quarter begins.

Step 3 

 Step 4 

Placement: Yakima Valley College requires placement into math and English before you can register for classes. There are multiple options available to you:

1. Have you attended YVC before?

a) Previous YVC students that have taken math or English will not need placement.

2. Have you graduated High School in the last 2 years?

a) High school transcript evaluation can also grant placement. Submit your high school transcripts to Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for high school placement evaluation.

3. Have you attended another college or university before?

a) Ask the college or university you attended to send your official transcripts to us.

    • They may send them electronically to Transcripts emailed or uploaded by students are not official. Once submitted, we will evaluate to determine if you have math or English placement already.

b. Transferring classes: Do you have previous college classes that you wish to transfer?

    • Official transcripts should also be submitted if you wish to have your previous college work evaluated for transfer equivalency. Please submit your official transcripts as soon as possible. Turnaround time is about 8-10 weeks for full evaluation.

4. If none of these options apply to you, please visit Placement Testing – Admissions ( for all placement options.

5. You can also take the YVC Math Placement or the Writing Placement self guided tests. Once completed, please email so they can enter your scores and help you sign up for New Student Orientation.

 Step 5 

  • Students taking classes on Yakima Campus – Call 509-574-4712, email or stop by the Admissions counter in Deccio Higher Education Center, Building 8.
  • Students taking classes on Grandview Campus – Call 509-882-7015 or stop by Grandview Main, Building 56.
  • You cannot participate in New Student Orientation and enroll in classes until you complete all required steps.