​Running Start Need-Based Fee Waiver

Running Start Fee Waiver

2020-2021 Running Start Fee Waiver Application

2020-2021 Running Start Solicitud de Exención de Tarifa


Please read the process carefully:

Pursuant to RCW 28A.600.310 as amended by Chapter 450, Laws of 2009, ESHB 2119, effective fall quarter 2014, Running Start students attending Yakima Valley College must pay mandatory college and student-voted fees. The need-based fee waiver applies to credits covered by Running Start and does not cover private voice/music lessons, textbooks, or below college-level courses. Students are required to pay tuition and fees for courses not covered by Running Start.

Yakima Valley College shall make available fee waivers for need-based Running Start students as follows:

​Student Responsibilities:

  • All documentation must be received at the Yakima campus Running Start offices by the last business Friday before each quarter begins.
  • Fee waiver eligibility is established annually.
  • A student must pay mandatory fees to the cashier if he/she is not eligible for a need-based waiver.

If you feel that you meet the eligibility requirements for the low-income waiver, please complete the application as soon as possible.