Vines, Wines & Dollar $igns

Prepare for Exciting Careers in the Wine Industry

Vines, Wines & Dollar $igns is a unique blend of premium courses from two complementary programs, Vineyard & Winery Technology and Business Administration. Three courses in one vibrant learning community – a distinctive pairing of programs geared toward knowledge and skills needed for careers in the Washington wine industry.

Courses include:

AG 120: Introduction to Washington Wines
AGSCI 131: Washington Terroir
BA 275: Wine Marketing

Vines, Wines & Dollar $igns explores the multiple links among wine making, grape growing, and wine marketing in Washington State and the Columbia Valley, in particular. Learn about Washington’s growing wine industry and what makes each growing area special. This includes evaluating the marketing and business strategies necessary to remain competitive.

Course Descriptions

AG 120: Introduction to Washington Wines (2 credits)
A course of study designed to introduce the participants to the art of knowing wine as part of human tradition and culture. There will be an overview of the Washington grape and wine industry, including an introduction to terminology, a summary of Washington grape production areas, types of wines produced, and the basics of wine evaluation.

AGSCI 131: Washington Terroir (3 credits)
This course will focus on defining the concept of terroir and what makes Washington unique in the world of wine. The geologic history of Washington and its effect on the formation of soils will be discussed with comparisons to the great wine grape-growing areas of the world.

BA 275: Wine Marketing (5 credits)
Provides a study of wine marketing and sales from the perspective of the Washington State wine industry. The course examines industry standards and emerging trends relating to wine packaging, promotion, pricing, and distribution. Emphasizes strategic branding, consumer behavior, and marketing plans for wineries and wine products.

Courses are offered at both Yakima and Grandview campuses on Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30 p.m. This series is offered during the Winter Quarter only.

Completed courses can be used towards earning the Vineyard and Winery Certificates and Degrees.

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Trent BallAgriculture Department Chair & Faculty
Phone: 509.882.7007
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Workforce Ed Building, Room 121
Yakima Campus
Skills Center Annex, Room 104
Dr. Holly FergusonFaculty Viticulture
Phone: 509.574.4517
Yakima Campus
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Melodie SmithAdjunct Instructor, Wine Marketing
Phone: 509.834.4528
Yakima Campus
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