Job Skills Program

Yakima Valley College serves as the conduit for Job Skills Program grants offered through the SBCTC (State Board for Community and Technical Colleges). The goal of the JSP is to support economic growth and employment in our community by funding training that combats unemployment and poverty rates; and to bolster new and growing industries where the local population does not have the skills needed to stay employed or to advance in their careers.

YVC’s role is to support business partners in the valley by gaining a thorough understanding of their goals, creating a plan for execution of training, writing and submitting their grant proposal, providing instructors to lead a number of their chosen courses after a grant has been awarded, and managing the grant to completion. Not only does this partnership benefit the businesses with whom we collaborate, it offers extra stipend-paid opportunities to YVC instructors, expands the college’s reach and reputation in the community, strengthens our local commerce, and enables local employees to expand their skills and their wages.

Job Skills Program grants are funded by the state and are available to some players in the commerce, trade, manufacturing, service provision, and healthcare realms. Interested parties should contact the Job Skills Program Coordinator for further information.


Kelsey BrontideRSVP Coordinator
Office: 509.574.4766
Mobile: 971.801.8672