At WTFRC, our mission is to help find science-based solutions for the numerous challenges that face Washington apple, cherry, pear, and stone fruit growers and packers. We seek to provide a dynamic interface between academia and industry and to foster communication and interactions that benefit both communities. To support research and extension efforts and Washington tree fruit sustainability, we collect and expend approximately $4.5 million annually from our growers’ assessments.

One of our key functions is to engage with industry to determine research priorities based on stakeholder needs. In addition, I am personally highly dedicated to connecting with the next generation of industry professionals, both as a mentor and as an industry leader. As such I have hosted more than 100 interns in the past decade.

Under supervision, interns will perform the following general tasks:

Layout, data collection, trial harvest, fruit quality analysis, and data summary in applied horticultural field experiments including crop load management, management of postharvest disorders, testing of new laboratory equipment, evaluation of storage performance of new apple cultivars, and food safety.

During the employment with us, interns will acquire the following skills:

  • plan, set up, maintain, and summarize research projects
  • choosing appropriate statistical designs
  • supervised management of trial sites

Interns are part of a team, managing day to day operations of over 50 WTFRC trials. They need to work in a precise manner and must be dependable.

WTFRC offers many opportunities to further horticultural knowledge and helps interns to attend educational events such as the Annual Washington State Horticultural Association Meeting, WTFRC Research Reviews, and Washington State University grower meetings.

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