If you have fewer than the required credits for any given subject area, but have the required classes, you will be required to make up the additional credits in that subject area, with courses that are relevant to your Nursing degree (subject to approval of the Dean of Health Science Education). For example, if you transfer in 4 credits in General Psychology and 4 credits in Lifespan Psychology, you have 8 credits total. Because you are deficient in your credits, you will need take an additional class in Psychology or Sociology to make up the additional credits. Please have additional classes approved by the Nursing Education office before taking them.

​​Applicants need to complete 15 credits in Humanities electives to graduate from the YVC Nursing Program.  5 credits must come from a communication classification. (ENG 102 will satisfy this requirement)

 A complete list of elective courses is located in the YVC College Catalog distribution list. A link to the catalog is provided below and will redirect you away from the nursing website.