Canvas Orientation

Students, please take a few minutes to go through the Getting Started Module of the new Canvas Student Success Center. It is a quick, less than 15 minutes, tour of the beginning tools you will need to navigate within Canvas. Even if this is not your first time using Canvas it will be a good refresher. 

Access to the Student Success Center: Canvas Student Success Center

Learning Management System - Canvas

Yakima Valley College uses the Canvas, by Instructure.com, learning management system. In order to access any type of course, related online content students must become familiar with this system. The link to the Canvas Student Success Center is a completely online orientation of the Canvas LMS. If you have never used Canvas, it is strongly recommended you visit this site.

Computer Basics - These are your responsibility

There are basic computer specifications you will need to be successful using Canvas.

Follow this link for the full list of specifications:
Canvas Basic Computer Specifications

It is your responsibility to run all updates and add-ons before you attempt to use Canvas.

In addition to the basic computer specifications, you will need to make sure the browser you use is supported by Canvas.

Which Browsers does Canvas Support?

Canvas supports the latest two versions of every major browser release. However, it is advised that once the quarter has started to stay with your working version of the browsers until the end of the quarter. Sometimes browsers will make changes a number of times during the quarter and not all the applications incorporated into your learning environment will be able to make changes as quickly. It is recommended that you update your browser at the end of each quarter. Check here to see if your browser version is supported: Canvas Supported Browsers 

The following links have good information if you encounter pages which do not load in Canvas.

Firefox | Chrome | Internet Explorer

Canvas - Getting Started

Below is a link to the YVC Student Quick Start Guide. If you read this document it should get you off to a good start within Canvas. There are also extensive help guides provided by Canvas. Here is a link to the Canvas Student Guides if you want more in-depth information: Canvas Student Guide

Mobile Guides

Below are links to guides for students using mobile devices

Canvas Mobile Phone Student Guide

Canvas Mobile Tablet Student Guide

Canvas Access

Click on a new tab in your browser. Next type this link into the browser address bar: https://yvcc.instructure.com 
next, save this address to your Favorites or Bookmarks. You can also reach Canvas through the YVC Student Portal. Below is the login page you should see when logging into the YVC domain. If you search on the word "Canvas" you will arrive at the wrong domain and get an access denied message.

Login Directions 

The Login box is your student ID, for example: "865555555" no spaces, dashes or other characters.
The Password is your PIN number and is normally set to your date of birth by the Registration Office. It is recommend that you do not change your PIN. However, if you opt to change your PIN and forget the change contact the Registration Office for a PIN reset
Password Format, DOB = 10/24/95 the PIN would be: 102495, again no spaces, dashes or other characters. If your month of birth is only a single digit do not input the leading zero, example: 3/14/95 the PIN would be: 31495. If your birth day is a single digit, you will input the leading zero, example: 9/5/89 the PIN would be: 90589

get started accessing your online learning


If you have any problems logging in or any questions concerning Canvas 
please email
Jacqueline Staley with questions, or call: (509)574-4827. 


Some take-home tests may require Respondus Lockdown Browser. If you are taking a test using Respondus you must first down load the app to your computer. When accessing the test simply log into Respondus using the same login name and password you do for Canvas.
Download Here: Respondus Lockdown Browser

Occasionally there will be changes to Respondus and you may be required to download the application again. Rarely will this occur after the quarter has started.


Do you live in a state other than Washington and plan to take only online classes?

Yakima Valley College is not authorized to serve students residing and attending distance learning classes in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Applications from students from these states for fully online educational purposes will be cancelled.

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