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Faculty Lecture Series

faculty lecture series
Dr. Timothy Jeske has been the driving force behind YVCC's Faculty Lecture Series. With the first lecture hosted in 2001, the series has continued to be an important outreach effort. The goal of the series is to share the expertise and diversity of the YVCC faculty with the Yakima community.
September 24
The Smile of the Buddha

October 29, 2014 - 7:00pm

Born around 563 B.C.E., the Buddha has become recognizable to Western Culture, primarily through his portrayal in sculpture.  It is through this imagery that many associate the ideas of meditation, serenity, and bliss associated with his teachings. This program will follow the artistic representation of the Buddha from early aniconic imagery to the development of the Buddha in human form. 

David Lynx is currently the director of Larson Gallery and instructor in Asian Art History and Art Appreciation.  Lynx has a Masters of Liberal Studies in museology from the University of Oklahoma. After completing his B.A. from the University of Washington, he completed a fifth year of Asian Art History and Japanese at Whitman College, and went on to become the director of Sheehan Gallery at the college and curate their Asian Art collection.  David became a certified Primordial Sound Meditation teacher through Chopra Center University in 2011, and is currently completing his certification as a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga instructor.