Physics is a fundamental science. All other sciences (and most technologies) find their roots in physics. Physics principles are logical and simple and yet far-reaching in their application.

Introduction to Physics - is a survey course designed to introduce and enhance a student's understanding of elementary physics. This course emphasizes a more conceptual and less mathematical approach to physics. The introductory physics course is a good beginning science while the general physics and engineering physics courses give strong backgrounds in classical physics (i.e., mechanics, energy, work, electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, optics, and waves) and a brief introduction to modern physics (i.e., relativity and quantum mechanics).

General Physics - I, II, III - are non-calculus based, intended for non-science majors. These courses can be used to satisfy a general or non-calculus based physics requirement at a university.

Engineering Physics - I, II, III are calculus based, intended for the transfer student majoring in mathematics, physics, chemistry, or engineering. The sequence of subjects are similar to the general physics sequence but the topics are considered from a more rigorous mathematical viewpoint. These courses can be used to satisfy an engineering or calculus-based physics requirement at a university.