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ASYVC Senate

The ASYVC Senate is the governing body for students at YVC recognized by the District Board of Trustees. The ASYVC Senate is comprised of the ASYVC Student Government and one representative from each ASYVC club and program. The ASYVC Senate meets every Monday 12:30-1pm in the HUB MLK Rm (except the first week of each quarter and finals week).

ASYVC Student Government
The ASYVC Student Government is comprised of eight student government positions, three elected student positions and five hired student positions.

Grandview Student Council (GSC)
The Grandview Student Council is comprised of five student government positions, three elected student positions and two hired student positions.

Student Clubs
YVC has many student clubs and organizations which are an important supplement to academic experiences, address special student interests, and provide community service opportunities throughout YVC and the Yakima Valley. Students are also encouraged to form new clubs if present groups do not meet the needs of a particular interest group.

Student Activities/Programs
Students at YVC benefit from much more than classroom learning. Students discover programs and activities that offer opportunities for active participation or passive enjoyment. Programs and activities are a coordinated effort to supplement and enhance the curriculum at the college.

Student Life Mission:
To provide a broad-based program dedicated to enhancing students' cultural, intellectual, social, recreational, wellness, community service, and leadership skills.

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