The ASYVCC Executive Board is comprised of seven student government positions, three elected student positions and five hired student positions.

The three elected positions are President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. The five hired positions are Secretary, Director of Public Relations, Lead Student Ambassador and two Directors of Student Programs.

It is the responsibility of the ASYVCC Executive Board to:

  • provide representation of student interest, needs and well-being within the college community;
  • provide opportunities for individual leadership development and for group participation;
  • initiate and coordinate student activities;
  • foster cooperative relationships among the students, faculty, staff, administration and community; and
  • affirm and support the YVCC Mission.

ASYVCC Officers are elected each spring. Staff positions are hired each spring. The current Officers and Staff are listed below.

ASYVCC 2013-2014​ Executive Board


Edwin Andrade · 509-574-4889 · H144
The ASYVCC President is responsible for the management of ASYVCC operations, implementations of policies, and working cooperatively in the best interest of the students with the faculty, administration, staff, and Board of Trustees. She/he keeps the Executive Board and Senate aware of what other institutions and organizations that relate to higher education are doing around the state.
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Vice President

Ron Garcia-Medina · 509-574-4899 · H144
The  ASYVCC Vice President is responsible for overseeing ASYVCC elections, working with clubs and and serves as acting President in the absence of the President.
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Tayler Shohan · 509-574-4736 · H144
The ASYVCC Treasurer serves as chairperson of the ASYVCC S&A Fee Budget Committee, monitors budget appropriations and expenditures, and establishes a working relationship with clubs to discuss their budget status.
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Cristian Gutierrez · 509-574-4891 · H144
The ASYVCC Secretary is responsible for performing secretarial services for the ASYVCC office, Executive Board, Senate, and other ASYVCC areas.
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Programmer 1 

Sarah Clark- Teddler · 509-574-6800 ext 3204 · H141
Director of Student Programs
The ASYVCC Director of Student Programs is responsible for planning, organizing, and helping to run on-campus activities and programs. Programmers are also voting members of the ASYVCC Senate and Executive Board.

Programmer 2              
TBD · 509-574-6800 ext 3122 · H141 

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Public Relations
Jose Andrade · 509-574-6800 ext 3212 · H144
The ASYVCC Director of Public Relations is responsible for raising student awareness of campus activities and other campus events. Duties include: managing sign posting requests, sign and flyer distribution and posting, regulation of ASYVCC bulletin boards and kiosks, design and creation of advertisement, designing and producing The Yak student newsletter!
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Student Ambassador
Drew Hillman · 509-574-6800 ext 3175 · H145
The ASYVCC Lead Student Ambassador is responsible for training student volunteers to give tours of campus, speaks to various groups on and off campus about the college and organizes the annual Open Campus Visit event in spring. 
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Student Life Office

Coordinator of Student Life
Kelly Robbins · 509-574-4775 · H146
The Coordinator of Student Life supervises the ASYVCC Executive Board members and assists them in managing student clubs and organizations, HUB use, and other responsibilities of the Student Life Office.
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Student Life Program Assistant
Roxanne Baca · 509-574-6878 · H145
The Student Life Program Assistant helps to manage and maintain the office environment for the Student Life and Student Government offices as well as helping the ASYVCC Executive Board and Coordinator of Student Life to accomplish their missions successfully and effectively. 
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