ASYVCC elections are held each spring as mandated by the ASYVCC Constitution.

The current elected ASYVCC positions are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer

About Elections

What are the qualifications necessary to be eligible to run of an elected position?
All candidates, including write-in candidates must:
-Be a currently enrolled student at YVCC during winter & spring quarter.
-You must have completed at least 10 credits and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

How do I file to run for an elected position?
Pick up an application and a candidate packet in the ASYVCC office. Be sure to read all information thoroughly and fill everything out accurately before turning it in by the due date.

What if I miss the deadline?
If you miss a deadline a meeting will need to be scheduled with the ASYVCC Vice President to discuss other options, such as a write-in candidate.

Once I file, am I automatically eligible?
You are not considered a candidate for an elected position until we review your completed application. You will be notified via phone as to your eligibility.

If I am selected, when will I begin in the position?
All ASYVCC Executive Board positions begin after the swearing of all elected officers at the end of the year ASYVCC Awards Ceremony in May or June.

Once I am in the position, do I have to meet any other qualifications?
The main qualifications that you need are stated in the ASYVCC Constitution.

What is the time commitment?
Your time commitment is 16 hours a week during fall, winter, & spring quarters. There are certain projects and events that will require your participation.

Example of average workweek of 16hrs:
1 hour: Senate Meeting
2 hours: Executive Board Meeting
5 hours: Information Booth
8 hours: Student Life Office (meetings, events, office hours, etc...)

What is the compensation for elected positions? 
You are paid monthly (Fall-Spring) for your service in an elected position. Contact the Coordinator of Student Life for hourly wage rate.

What are the campaign regulations?
The campaign regulations are state in the ASYVCC Constitution, Article V, Section 6.

What should I do to prepare as a potential candidate?
-Make yourself known to fellow students, staff, and faculty.
-Poster and flyers are great ways to advertise that you are running for an elected position.
-Read and be familiar with the ASYVCC Constitution.
-Attend ASYVCC Senate Meetings.
-Attend various club meetings.
-Attend various events and activites.

If I have other questions?

Feel free to come into theASYVCC office and talk to the ASYVCC Vice President or a current student representative. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.