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Yakima Valley Community College has bee​n working with student all over the world for over 15 years.

Student from overseas who started her college career at YVCC

Study abroad program options

for students looking at international studies in the US

We specialize in helping students who want to study abroad get started on their US college education right here in Washington State, we help save you money while you complete your first two years of college with us at a much more competitive tuition cost, you also receive great value by living in our affordable campus housing for two years and then move on or transfer to top colleges in USA.

International University Transfer Programs

Students who earn the Associate of Arts degree will be able to transfer to Washington colleges and universities that honor the Direct Transfer Agreement with junior standing, having met

lower division general education requirements. In addition to transferring, YVCC has university partnerships with Central Washington University, Washington State University, and Heritage University.

Through the Direct Transfer Agreement YVCC international students have shown success continuing their education at many top four-year universities, including:

Study abroad programs and options

YVCC offers degrees and certificates in over 40 disciplines including:

  • Engineering

  • Business

  • Nursing

  • Agriculture

  • Veterinary Technology

  • And Many More - Please click below for a full listing

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Hey international student

are you ready to get started with your study abroad program in the us?

We are a smaller specialized campus, which allows me to work closely with students who are trying to study abroad, you won't find that level of service in other Colleges or Universities study abroad programs, we are unique.

My goal is to help you get started fast with your international studies

Please take a copy of our getting started checklist which lists the items you need when preparing to study abroad, it includes items such as your student visa, i-20 Certificate of Eligibility​, and your F-1 Visa which is a nonimmigrant visa for those wishing to study in the U.S.​ Don't let the paperwork formalities ​​​detract you,​ it might look ​a little challenging, but your future is worth a little hard work.

Download Study Abroad Checklist​


​Top 10 reasons why students planning their international studies

love attending college in America here at YCCC

  • We have the fastest and easiest application process for students looking at study abroad programs in the United States. 

  • We are a smaller specialized college who can respond to our students needs quicker, which lowers your barrier to entry ,while assisting you through the application process.

  • You save time and money, because you finish your first two years of required courses at a discounted rate compared to other Top Colleges in USA.

  • You can live on campus in our clean, safe and modern student housing and dorms which are cheap and affordable and near anything you need.

  • We are centrally located in the middle of a city with diverse history & culture that is driven by emerging and advancing agricultural industry, we supply delicious fruit, vegetables, beer and wine to the world.

  • Our strategic location provides the best of both worlds being located in a valley with amazing four season weather and what can seem like endless blue skies, in a smaller city that caters to all your urban needs providing you with exciting cuisine, coffee and shopping.

  • You can explore the beautiful sought after Pacific Northwest in all its natural splendor, because you are only a short distance to rugged wilderness, cascading mountains and fresh water falls or rivers or lakes.

  • ​​The size of our classes are incredibly smaller than the mega universities, the student to teacher ratio is around 30:1 all of our international students feel this add a tremendous amount of value, because when you are in a new environment, communicating in English​​, and settling into a new school the last thing you want to do is feel like you are getting lost in the crowds, you might need a little extra help to get you set up for success and that is that we do best.

  • The "Home Town Feeling" - we keep hearing from our international student that they really like the friendly atmosphere, the sense of community,  and how easy it is making friends and connections.

  • Price and cost - probably one of the most important factors to consider when reviewing international study abroad programs is, how much will this cost?  We are significantly cheaper than a university, you can complete your first two 2 years of required college credits here then apply and transfer to top colleges in the USA.

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