Drug and Alcohol Policy​

Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988
Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989

Yakima Valley Community College complies with Public Law 100-690, providing information and following policies for the purpose of preventing and addressing alcohol and drug abuse. It is the goal of YVCC to adhere to federal regulations and provide a drug-free environment.

YVCC is dedicated to maintaining a drug-free campus for students and employees. The following sites are a few of many which detail the significant health risks that can result from drug and alcohol abuse:

YVCC policy WAC 132P-33-440 prohibits students lists alcohol and drug violations as:​

  • ​Alcohol. The use, possession, delivery, or sale, or being visibly under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, except as permitted by law and applicable college policies.

  • Marijuana. The use, possession, delivery, or sale, or being visibly under the influence of marijuana or the psychoactive com-pounds found in marijuana and intended for human consumption, regardless of form. While state law permits the recreational use of marijuana, federal law prohibits such use on college premises or in connection with college activities.

  • Drugs. The use, possession, delivery, sale, or being under the influence of any legend drug, including anabolic steroids, androgens, or human growth hormones as defined in chapter 69.41 RCW, or any other controlled substance under chapter 69.50 RCW, except as prescribed for a student's use by a licensed practitioner.

These behaviors are prohibited on campus and in all off-campus locations where classes, seminars, workshops, meetings, and college-related activities are offered.

Information about federal and state drug laws are available from the applicable authorities.  Some sources available on the internet include Washington state Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 69.50 and Title 21 of the federal United States Code (USC).

Community Resources: YVCC students with questions and concerns relating to alcohol or drug problems are encouraged to contact the YVCC Counseling & Advising Center. Employees are encouraged to seek information and assistance from recognized community professionals.

The following community resources are available to provide help with drug or alcohol problems: Alcohol and Drug Help Line: 1.800.562.1240; Alcoholics Anonymous: 509.453.7680 (Yakima), 509.735-4086 (Grandview). A complete list of community alcohol and drug treatment facilities can be found in the yellow pages of the telephone directory listed under "Alcoholism Information and Treatment" and "Drug Abuse Information and Treatment".

Additional information for students can be found in the YVCC Student Code of Conduct.​