YVCC Site & General Questions


Q1 - How do I apply for a parking permit online?

A2 - http://www.yvcc.edu/student-portal/Pages/parking.aspx

Once submitted, it can be picked up in the Security Office (Palmer – Room X101)


Q2 – Where is the interactive campus map located online?

A2 - http://apps.yvcc.edu/dotnet/campusmap/campusmap.html


Q3 - Where is the financial aid portal located online?

A3 - http://www.yvcc.edu/admission/financial-aid/Pages/default.aspx


Q4 - What is the link to access GDP from home?

A4 - https://yvcc.gdp11.com/Students/Combinedlogin.aspx


Q5 – How do I access YVCC-Student Wifi?

A5 – Connect to YVCC – Student & Use your Student ID & PIN

Username: (9 Digits) 865xxxxxxx

PIN: (6 Digits) xxxxxx




Labs & Testing


Q1 - Where do I find the current lab hours?

A1 - http://www.yvcc.edu/services/technology-services/labs/Pages/default.aspx#yakima


Q2 - Where do I find the current testing hours?

A2 - http://www.yvcc.edu/services/technology-services/labs/Pages/default.aspx#yakima


Q3 - Where on the Yakima campus do I take a proctored tests?

A3 - Deccio Building – Room C230


Q4 - Where do I take the West B, Pearson, GED, Compass, and other assorted tests listed on the Testing Services website? 

A4 - http://www.yvcc.edu/resources/Testing%20Services/Pages/default.aspx

Deccio Building – 1st floor near Financial Aid




Library & Bookstore


Q1 – Where is the online library resource located?

A1 - http://yvcclibrary.us/Yakima/index.htm


Q2 - How do I access the online bookstore? 

A2- http://www.yvccbookstore.com/

Students will have to log in and create an account.



Student Portal

You are able to register online (http://www.yvcc.edu/admission/Pages/default.aspx)  or in person at the Registration/Admissions counter in Deccio building.

Once registered, you will receive a student ID and pin, then you can logon to the student portal to register for classes, add or drop classes, visit the financial aid portal, and use online library resources. 


Q1 - Logging into their Student Portal

A1 - www.yvcc.edu

Click on Student Portal (Top Right of Page or Lower Left Under Quick Links)

                Username: Student ID number

                Password: Pin (birthdate, with no zeros in front of the month


Q2 – Where do I view my schedule? 

A2 - http://www.yvcc.edu/student-portal/Pages/default.aspx

On the left hand side, click on My Classes


Q3 - Who is my advisor?

A3 - http://www.yvcc.edu/student-portal/Pages/default.aspx

On the left hand side, click on My Academic Profile.


Q4 - How do I view my grades?

A4 - http://www.yvcc.edu/student-portal/Pages/default.aspx

On the left hand side, click on My Academic Profile


Q5 – Where do I go online to drop a class?

A5 - http://yvcc.edu/student-portal/Pages/default.aspx

On the left hand side, click on Registration


Q6 – Where do I go online to sign up for a class?

A6 - https://www.ctc.edu/~yvccwts/wts/student/webreg/waci221.html






Q1 - Where do I log into my Canvas account?

A1 - https://yvcc.instructure.com/login


Q2 – How Do I navigate through Canvas?

A2 - http://www.yvcc.edu/academics/elearning/Pages/eLearningHome.aspx

There is a student quick start guide as well as links to a full interactive guide and guides for mobile phones and tablets


Q3 - Where are my classes in Canvas & who do I talk to, so they will show up in Canvas?

A3 - If you have any problems logging in or any questions concerning Canvas 
please email Jacqueline Staley with questions, or call: (509)574-4827. 


Q4 - How do I enable my cookies when logging into Canvas?

A4 – This is the link for supported browsers: http://guides.instructure.com/m/4214/l/41056-which-browsers-does-canvas-support

Each Browsers Instructions are listed Below:

  1. Internet Explorer 10 and 11  -

    Block or allow cookies based on their type.

    Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.

    Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

    Click the Privacy tab, move the slider to the level of privacy that you want to set, and then click OK.

  2. Chrome 36 and 37  - Make exceptions for cookies from specific websites or domains

    To control how cookies should be handled for a few specific sites or domains, click Manage exceptions. To add a rule in the Cookie and Site Data Exceptions dialog that appears, follow these steps:

    Click the "Add a new exception pattern" field and enter the domain name for which you want to create an exception.

    To create exceptions for an entire domain, insert [*.] before the domain name (e.g. [*.]google.com. This will match drive.google.com and calendar.google.com).

    You can also specify an IP address, an IPv6 address, or a non-http URL.

    Use the menu to choose whether the site can set cookies. If you select Clear on exit, its cookies are deleted every time you close your browser.

    You can also edit or remove exceptions using this dialog.

  3. Safari 6 and 7 - Start Safari. –

    From the Safari drop-down list, select Preferences....

    Click the Privacy icon.

    Next to Block cookies and other website data:, select the From third parties and advertisers radio button.

    Close the preferences window.

  4. Firefox 31 and 32  -

    Click the menu button and choose Options Preferences

    Select the Privacy panel.

    Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.

    Make sure Accept cookies from sites is check marked.

    Make sure Accept third party cookies is set to Always.

    Disabling third party cookies can cause problems with some websites. Always accept third party cookies to rule it out as a cause for your problem.

    Click Exceptions….

    Make sure the site you're trying to access isn't listed.

    If it is listed, click on its entry, then click Remove Site.

    Click OK to close the Options window Click Close to close the Preferences window Close the Preferences window.