*Know the location of fire extinguishers, exits, and pull stations in your area*

Call 911.

Be prepared to give the following information:

      1. The building name or number
      2. Classroom number
      3. Location of the fire
      4. Extent of the fire
      5. Your telephone number

Then notify the appropriate college official:

Yakima Campus: contact Campus Security at 574.4610
Grandview Campus: contact the Dean or designee at 882.7052

  • If possible, attempt to extinguish the fire, avoiding possible injury to yourself and others. Training and information using fire extinguishers is available through Campus Security.
  • If the building is involved in a fire and there is possible danger to you and others, evacuate the building. Close, but do not lock doors and windows.
  • Use stairway exits. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Use reasonable and prudent discretion when exiting the building.
  • If you are able to give assistance to persons with a disability take them a safe distance away from the fire. Immediately alert emergency rescue personnel regarding the location of the persons in the building needing to be rescued.
  • Do not re-enter the building until cleared to do so by emergency personnel or college officials.

Reference the EVACUATION PROCEDURE for further details.