Washington Administrative Code (WAC). In general, the college publishes a rule in the WAC when the rule:

  • can result in sanctions if not followed,
  • governs institution hearings, or
  • governs qualification for any benefit or privilege conferred by law, unless the rule involves only internal instituition management or specified academic matters, employment relationships, or fiscal processes (RCW 34.05.010). 

Additionally, there are a few laws (RCW and USC) that require implementation through the promulgation of WAC rules (Example: FERPA).

Board Policies govern the administration of the college. Board policies are generally broad in scope and are usually unchanged by modifications to operational practices and procedures.  They provide a fundamental, philosophical basis for operation. They are approved by the Board of Trustees and are subsequently implemented by the President. 

Administrative Procedures govern the daily operations of the college. They generally consist of an ordered statement of actions, steps, or processes to be followed in carrying out the work, assignments, or functions of the college. They are approved by Administrative Council, which is comprised of the president, vice presidents, deans, and directors.


The vice president for administrative services, in collaboration with Administrative Council, coordinates the review and revision of the college's policies and procedures to ensure they are up-to-date and compatible with the current organizational infrastructure and college mission.

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures are categorized into five areas with oversight assigned to the appropriate college administrator as shown below.

CategoryResponsible Administrator 
1.00 AdministrativeVice President for Administrative Services 
2.00 ExecutivePresident 

3.00 Instructional

Vice President for Instruction and Student Services 
4.00 Personnel and PayrollDirector of Human Resources
5.00 StudentVice President for Instruction and Student Services 
6.00 TechnologyDirector of Technology Services


Proposals for revision to or creation of Board Policies and Administrative Procedures are presented to the Administrative Council by the appropriate college administrator indicated in the above table.