​​​​Online Consultations

This service is intended for the use of YVCC students only -- Thank you!

Online Consultations allow busy YVCC students to receive feedback on their work when they can't make it to one of the Centers during our regular hours.

online consultations 

Please be aware

  • Our consultants focus their comments first on content and organization.

  • We can answer specific questions about grammar, spelling, and punctuation; however,  we are not an "editing service" and will not proofread your work for you.

  • Please allow 24 to 48 hours for our response.

Help us to help you

  • Fill out all areas of the form (see below).

  • Ask specific questions or direct us to specific areas in your draft, or you may ask a general question if you don't have a draft yet.

Here are some examples of the kinds of questions you could ask:

  • Do my ideas seem to be in order? Are they organized?

  • Is my introduction interesting?

  • Does this part make sense? (point us to a specific paragraph or paragraphs)

  • Is my thesis clear? What is a thesis, anyway?

  • Do I have a main point? What is it?

  • I have been told I write a lot of run-ons. Do you see any run-on sentences? or How can I correct them?

  • Am I citing my sources correctly? Our instructor wants us to use MLA format.

  • Am I using semicolons correctly?