Credit Courses

The Writing Center offers two courses that students may take for credit


English 085, Writing Workshop (1 - 2 cr.)

Whether you are taking other English courses or not, you can sharpen your writing and thinking skills in this class. The course guides students through writing assignments (either those from other classes, or ones that we provide to you) and other related work from any or all of your classes.

In the workshop you will get individual assistance from consultants at the center who will coach you in the process of writing, from start to finish. Consultants will show you strategies for gathering ideas, drafting, organizing, and revising your work, as well as how to view grammar "errors" as opportunities to learn.

The workshop also offers guidance in critical reading strategies and provides a place where students can ask questions about academic language and expectations.

You can register for one or two credits. Meeting times are arranged between you and the Center. English 085 is graded on an S/F basis and can be repeated as many times as you like.

English 185, Writing Consultant (1 - 3 cr.)

If you enjoy writing or you are anticipating a career as a teacher or writer, or both, then this course offers you a chance to share your knowledge about writing with your peers.

In the Writing Consultant course  you will learn how to conduct successful consultations, offer feedback, and determine the effectiveness of tutoring strategies. Writing Consultants in English 185 meet individually with student writers from all disciplines.

You can register for one to three credits. Your hours are arranged by you and the Writing Center.

Prerequisite: a minimum grade of B+ in English 101 and permission of the Writing Center's director.