​Wilma Dulin
Office of Institutional Effectiveness Faculty Director



Wilma Dulin has a B.A. in Human Development from the University of Kansas, and a M.S. from Central Washington University in Family Studies. Ms. Dulin has a diverse background in parent education, early childhood development, adult basic education, and developmental reading. She has taught at YVC since 1989, and is the only faculty member approved to teach in all divisions of the college. She has taught Adult Basic Education, GED prep, Early Childhood Education, Developmental Reading, Introduction to Social Sciences, Study Skills, and has also created a Freshman Seminar called "Winning at College." Currently Ms. Dulin is the Faculty Director for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness where she coordinates a number of initiatives and programs on campus that assess and improve student success. She enjoys quilting and golfing.

Advance Schedule Requirements:Varies; willing to tailor presentations to specific needs with adequate advance notice.
Travel Restrictions:Depending on distance, may require mileage reimbursement.


The Culture of College This presentation focuses on the culture that exists on a college campus and its classrooms. There are significant ways that the culture of college is different from the culture one might experience in high school or the workplace. What is expected in college that is different from high school? In this presentation you'll learn some identifying characteristics of college culture such as a specific orientation to time, ways of showing respect, and adapting to authority. This presentation is adaptable for a variety of audiences, and can also address the question of what it means for YVC to teach the culture of college to its students.
Best Practices for Student Support This presentation is geared to professional educators and support staff who are interested in designing structures to support student success. Today's community college students require access to a wide variety of support services: academic supports, student services, outreach programs, and extracurricular involvement. Ms. Dulin has extensive experience in student support services and can discuss how well-conceived institutional supports can enhance student success.
Child Development: An Overview This presentation can be geared toward specific audience requests, and may be appropriate for a variety of audiences, from high school students to child care providers. According to the needs of the audience, Ms. Dulin may discuss a range of topics.
RaisingYour Child to be an Adult You Admire: Instilling Values in Your Children

While parents naturally want to shape and mold their children into responsible and productive adults, even the most caring and diligent parents can question their ability to instill their deeply-held values in their own children. And, no single approach will prove effective over time, for our parenting must adapt to the needs of changing and developing children and youth. Ms. Dulin has extensive experience as a teaching parent, teaching parent education, and in child development. She discusses the natural desire parents have to influence their children, the importance of establishing priorities in parenting, and presents a variety of developmental and practical issues in parenting - focusing on modeling specific, carefully selected behaviors and attitudes.

The Value of a Community College Education
What is the value of a community college education to an individual? What is the value of a community college to the community it serves? For the individual, what is the earning or economic value attached to a college education, and also - what impact does higher education have upon a person's ability to remain consistently employed? This presentation also discusses the role of community colleges in our nation, and the role of YVC in the local community. Specifically, how does YVC enhance the life of our community? Find out in this presentation by Ms. Dulin.

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