Trent Ball
Agriculture Instructor and Program Chair


Trent Ball is the Agriculture Program Chair, and an Agriculture Instructor. He has a B.S. in Food Science and M.A. in Agribusiness. He has a keen interest and expertise in agricultural marketing and a research interest in nutrient and tannin additions and their impact on wine quality. He teaches an extraordinary range of courses, including Introduction to Agriculture, Introduction to Washington Wines, Current Agriculture Issues and Trends, Farm Management, Winery Management, Essentials of Winemaking, General Viticulture, Winery Operations, and Wine Sensory. Mr. Ball is also the advisor for the Agribusiness and Wine Club on campus. In addition to all these on-campus duties, Mr. Ball enjoys volleyball, skiing, and softball.

Advance Schedule Requirements: Two Weeks
Travel Restrictions: Yakima County


Washington Wine: A Growing Industry One of the few sectors in the state that has continued to see rapid growth and development is the Washington wine industry. In this seminar you will learn about what makes the wine industry unique, the economic impact of the industry on our statewide economy, and the career and job opportunities that are available.
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