Scott Klepach
EnglishInstructor, Grandview Campus


Scott Klepach is a native of Yakima and graduated from Eisenhower High School. He attended YVCC and earned an A.A. before he went on to Central Washington University for his B.A. in English and Creative Writing (2004), where he also earned an M.A. in English (2006). He also has completed additional coursework in Religious Studies at CWU. He has taught at Central Washington University and has taught at YVCC since 2006. Mr. Klepach has a diverse set of interests and experiences that include popular culture, film, creative writing, and journalism. He is the author of the novel Back to this Land, published in 2007. He lives in West Valley with his wife, Kimberly Klepach, and their young daughter, Elise. As a former student, graduate, and now faculty member at YVCC, he brings a unique, fresh perspective that your students or group will find valuable.

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Travel Restrictions:Yakima County


Journalism: Writing For and About the Community Scott Klepach has extensive and varied experience in local journalism, work which he began while still in high school, as a part of the first-ever team of "Unleashed" writers. He was also the first student editor of the Unleashed section. Currently, he writes for area newspapers, and enjoys journalism as a way to "keep in touch" with the life and events in the community. Mr. Klepach enjoys a variety of writing projects: interviews, reviews, columns, humor, feature articles, and more.
Is HollywoodWorth Watching?
While "Hollywood" receives its fair share of negative criticism, much of which it may well deserve, there may be more than just entertainment value in some of its better products. Mr. Klepach (a professed "film buff") explores commercial films whose content might allow for a deeper meaning, one not immediately available to the viewer. This presentation just might change the way you watch, think about, and discuss movies!
Why Popular Culture HasPlace in the Classroom While we may think that popular culture belongs only in the realm of entertainment, in this presentation Mr. Klepach addresses the artistic efforts of graphic novels, anime, video games, film and TV - all of which he considers worth paying attention to as vehicles for communication.
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