​Rachel Dorn
Art​ Instructor ​rdorn@yvcc.edu​



Rachel Dorn has always loved creating and working with her hands. As a sophomore in high school she realized she could "do art" as a career. She chose Coe College in large part for the art program and once there became interested in ceramics as a focus area. She taught community art classes (for kids and adults) for about a year after college and also showed her work in art fairs in Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. She liked teaching art and wanted to improve her own art making so she attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned an M.A. and M.F.A in Art.

She came to YVC in 2006 where she teaches Pottery, Art Appreciation, and Design classes. During the summer and other break times, she spends time in a studio connected to her house. Her work has been exhibited at Larson Gallery, Oak Hollow Gallery and other galleries in the area. You can learn more and see more of her work on her website, www.racheldorn.com

Advance Schedule Requirements: Two-three weeks notice
Travel Restrictions: YakimaCounty


Career Options in the Arts (Powerpoint) Students who are attracted to the arts may be concerned about their ability to earn a livelihood if they follow that path. In this presentation Rachel Dorn will introduce students to possible careers in art and encourage them that they CAN succeed in art and art CAN be a viable career option.

Greek Art and the Golden Ratio (Powerpoint) A fascinating and powerful exploration of the way that the naturally-occurring 2:3 ratio has been variously adapted in art forms and architecture, with a special focus on the way it was used in classical Greece to produce aesthetically pleasing designs.

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