Kelly Robbins
Student Life Coordinator


Kelly Robbins is Coordinator of Student Life at YVCC, a position she has held since 2001. She acts as an Advisor to Student Government, where her role is to help students advocate for their needs and ensure that students at YVCC have a voice. Ms. Robbins is a YVCC alumna, (A.A. 1997), during which time she played for the YVCC women's basketball team (1995-1997), and served on the Student Senate as a Representative for Athletics. Ms. Robbins earned an A.A. in Community Service and a B.A. in Communication from Montana State University, Northern. Currently providing support to over 30 student groups and programs, Ms. Robbins stays vitally connected to student life and activities at YVCC. She has returned to the women's basketball court at YVCC as Assistant Coach.

Advance Schedule Requirements:In general, two weeks
Travel Restrictions: Yakima County


Reinventing Yourself in College This presentation is geared to high school audiences. Did you know that you don't have to stay with your "high school persona" forever? While many students in high school find themselves "pegged" into specific groups, and operate within tried-and-true parameters, college presents students with an entirely new set of options to consider. Ms. Robbins discusses the possibilities students have to "reinvent" themselves at college by attempting new experiences and trying new things. College also presents opportunities to expand your ability to communicate with different groups of people, and develop intercultural competency. Learn more about how personal growth may involve reinventing yourself.
Developing Leadership in Students In her role as Coordinator of Student Life, Ms. Robbins provides support to over 30 student groups and advises students who are developing leadership skills by serving in student government or taking on other leadership roles. At YVCC, opportunities abound for students to grow as leaders. Learn more about leadership roles in a community college setting, and how leadership skills prepare for career and personal success.
True Colors "True Colors® is a simple model of personality identification for people of all ages that improves communication through recognition of a person's" character spectrum. "Utilizing the colors of orange, green, blue and gold to differentiate four basic personality types, True Colors becomes an uncomplicated language for every individual to convey complex ideas very simply. True Colors' lively and interactive programs have become the easiest and most convenient way of discovering one's strengths, and understanding human behavior. A distinguishing quality of the True Colors programs is the artful blending of education and entertainment into programs that combine audience interaction with insightful materials that inform and delight participants because they are easy to understand, to apply on a daily basis and to retain over a lifetime."
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