​Dr. Joy Clark
English Instructor



Joy Clark has taught in the English Department at YVCC since January of 2008. Her academic background was in the interdisciplinary study of Religion and Literature. She earned her Ph.D. from Boston University, with a dissertation on Dante. Her current work at YVCC involves teaching composition courses, and media literacy and consumer culture almost always show up in her classes as topics for discussion and essays.

Advance Schedule Requirements:Two-three weeks notice usually needed
Travel Restrictions: Yakima County


The World According to Dante AlighieriIn this presentation, Joy Clark provides an introduction to the life and times of one of the world's most significant and influential authors. Dr. Clark will highlight the story of his life events and the autobiographical nature of the poem, setting the poem in the context of world politics as Dante experienced and interpreted those events.
Don't Forget to Read the Ads: Media Literacy for today - with Gordon Koestler, English InstructorWhat do ads "say" to us, and what do they say about us and our culture? In what ways can we respond to the messages in advertising? In this presentation, Joy Clark and Gordon Koestler demonstrate the importance of "reading" advertisements as a way to reinforce the critical skill of media literacy. Today more than ever, it is vital that citizens know how to "read" the signs and symbols of a consumer culture and market-driven economy. Clark and Koestler both teach in the English Department and approach this topic as a way to build critical thinking and analytical skills, and believe that the consumer culture that is cultivated in much of today's advertising-soaked, brand-saturated world has implications for our future as citizens and as members of a vital planet.
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509.574.6800 x 3285/jclark@yvcc.edu