​Jeremy Buegge
Biology Instructor



A native of San Diego, CA, Jeremy Buegge was an undergraduate student at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. In college he studied for a semester in New Zealand which sparked his interest in botany. He went on to earn a M.S. in Plant Biology from Arizona State University. Mr. Buegge has been at YVCC since Fall of 2010 and teaches General Biology as well as Anatomy and Physiology. In addition to his professional interests in botany, he enjoys hiking, gardening and photography.

Advance Schedule Requirements: Two to three weeks
Travel Restrictions:Yakima area


Property Rights vs. Conservation Planning In this powerpoint-assisted presentation, Mr. Buegge discusses planning for conservation of endangered species while allowing for development. This is based on his work with the County of San Diego developing a conservation plan while working with government agencies, environmental groups, the farming community, and builders.
Island Life, How Communities Form in Isolation Mr. Buegge's work for his Master's thesis involved the study of one of the "sky islands" of Southeast Arizona, which are forested mountains surrounded by a sea of desert. These islands are where "North meets South" loosely connecting the Rockies and the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. These mountains hold tremendous biodiversity - ranging from desert cacti to Ponderosa pines, and northern aspen trees to sub-tropical passionflower vines. Also included is a discussion of the interaction of fire cycles and animal life. Mr. Buegge provides a powerpoint-optional presentation on the life of this unique region along with a description of what it was like to wander alone in 80 square miles of solitude.
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