Herb Blisard
Faculty Emeritus
RetiredPhotography and Communications Instructor


Herb Blisard taught at YVCC for over 50 years, beginning in 1961 and retiring in 2012. During that time he offered his students and the larger community a wealth of information and insight gathered from extensive experience, research, and creative teaching. He taught courses in photography, American popular culture, creative non-fiction, and has developed a course at YVCC called "Writers and Ideas". Mr. Blisard has a B.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in English from Utah State, and he has a M.A. in Mass Communication from the University of Washington. In his long tenure teaching at YVCC, he has repeatedly won recognition as YVCC Teacher of the Year,and was honored with the Robert M. Leadon Award for Excellence in Teaching. Mr. Blisard enjoyed teaching, which he described as creative work that is "a lot of fun,". He was honored as one of YVCC's distinguished faculty and was awarded Faculty Emeritus during the 2012 Commencement Ceremony. He continues to photograph and print in his darkroom and very much enjoys speaking to the wider community.

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Seeing...The Photographers ArtPhotography is mostly the art of seeing what others do not see. Using slides taken over the years, Mr. Blisard demonstrates visually the art of photography as the art of seeing.

Eugene Smith Eugene Smith was a breakthrough photojournalist dedicating to exhibiting truth through the camera lens, known for his uncompromising perfectionism and is particularly known for his World War II photographs. He believed that if the horrors of war were visible to the average citizen, that many would change their views about warfare. Slides accompany this presentation.
Our London VacationMr. Blisard has traveled and photographed in various places. In this slide show presentation he explores his journey to England
Ellis Island and Immigrants - What would you have brought with you to America? Mr. Blisard explores the visual images of immigrants who traveled to America and entered this country through Ellis Island. Includes slides.
Small Towns inWashingtonMr. Blisard spent a sabbatical visiting small towns across Washington State, and this presentation will present an account of his travels and findings. Includes slides.
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