Duane Reed
English Instructor


Duane Reed was raised in Selah, WA. He attended YVC and earned his A.A. in 1989. He then attended Central Washington University, where he earned his B.A. and M.A. in English Literature. He taught at both Grays Harbor Community College and Columbia Basin College before coming to YVC in 1999. He currently teaches in the English Department, where his perspective as a former student makes him especially aware of the opportunities for a quality education at YVC. Prior to coming to YVC, Mr. Reed worked as a professional photographer, and he maintains a darkroom lab for fine art black and white photography.

Advance Schedule Requirements:One to two weeks
Travel Restrictions:Yakima County, Ellensburg


The World of Ideas In this presentation, Mr. Reed discusses the "world of ideas" and the importance of those ideas for a liberal arts curriculum. He'll discuss some authors who have examined "the big issues," and the relevance of some of those ideas to contemporary society. This presentation is an overview of a course (ENG 102) which Mr. Reed teaches at YVC.
The Bible as Literature

The Bible has influenced the world in so many ways: sociological, psychological, philosophical, spiritual, and cultural. This presentation discusses a secular, non-dogmatic approach to the Biblical texts. Mr. Reed analyzes the historical and cultural context of the writings, critically examines the sources that are present in the final edited text, focuses on the literary qualities, and generates an appreciation of the wide-ranging and lasting influence the Bible has had on Western literature. This presentation is an overview of a course (ENG 275) created by Mr. Reed and offered at YVC.

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