Claire Carpenter
Biology Instructor​



Claire Carpenter is a Biology Instructor at YVCC. She earned her BA in Biology from Colorado College, and her MS in Biology from the University of New Mexico. She attended a NSF Antarctic Biology Course as well. Her primary research was on the ecological correlates of heat shock protein expression. Ms. Carpenter has taught at YVCC since 2003 and prior to coming to YVCC she taught at Spokane Community College and Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute. Her current passions include eating and growing local food and supporting local businesses and the community. She raises chickens, turkeys, goats, and bees as well as two young children. At YVCC, Ms. Carpenter teaches Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, and Oral Histology and Embryology, a dental hygiene class.

Advance Schedule Requirements: Two Weeks
Travel Restrictions: Yakima County (possibly outside the county)


Antarctica: Science and History This presentation can be geared to adults or children (fourth grade and up), and presents information about both the history of Antarctic exploration, the current scientific research being conducted in Antarctica, and the details of what it is like to live and work on the frozen continent. The presentation showcases photographs of Antarctic scenery and animals.
Biology of CancerWhat makes some cells become cancerous? How do cancer cells differ from normal body cells? This presentation is appropriate for an audience (high school age or older) with some knowledge of the fundamentals of biology. We will review normal cell function as we learn what goes wrong when cells become cancerous. This presentation incorporates hands-on activities and requires at least two hours.
Bees: Biology and Natural HistoryHow do bees make honey? How do beekeepers get the honey from bees? What determines whether an egg develops into a queen, a drone, or a worker bee? How do bees communicate in the hive? This presentation (appropriate for any age group) will address these and other questions about the lives of honey bees.
Understanding Evolution:A historical and scientific perspective. This talk, intended for high school students or adult audiences, will explore how Darwin's ideas arose from the scientific and religious ideas of his time, how his momentous voyage on the ship The Beagle shaped understanding of the world, and how modern science enhances our understanding of evolution
Hot and Cold: Why Temperature MattersIn this presentation by Biology Instructor Claire Carpenter, you'll learn the basics of the effects of temperature on living things, and how some organisms can survive or thrive in extreme temperatures. This discussion is adaptable for high school or adult audiences.
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