​Dr. Brock Eubanks
Economics Instructor



Dr. Brock Eubanks teaches Economics at YVC. He has a B.A. in Finance, and an M.B.A., both from Washington State University. He also has a Ph.D. from the University of Idaho in Adult and Organizational Learning and Human Resource Development. He has a strong, well-developed interest in entrepreneurism, and his dissertation focused on the roles and competencies of career entrepreneurs. He has previously taught Statistics at Eastern Washington University and at other community colleges across the state. In addition to his academic expertise, Dr. Eubanks is a black belt in karate, and while at the University of Idaho he developed a program for teaching self defense to college students. His program focuses on acquaintance-based situations, as opposed to a model that teaches defense against strangers.

Advance Schedule Requirements:Three weeks notice
Travel Restrictions:Yakima County


Tactics and Strategies for Personal Defense for College-aged Men and Women

This discussion will talk about common situations college-aged students face on campus with friends and acquaintances, and how these situations may escalate to a situation when personal defense is necessary, and how to apply defense in these delicate situations.

Is Education Worth it? The Economics and Costs of Education This presentation is not just about the dollar costs of pursuing a college degree, but some of the other cost considerations over four years, versus the overall benefits, financial and otherwise, of pursuing higher education. This basic discussion about the benefits of pursuing higher education is geared to high school students and their parents.
Topics in Entrepreneurship What knowledge, skills, and abilities should entrepreneurs possess if they are seeking to create multiple entrepreneurial organizations and ventures? What does a career of entrepreneurship entail? With advance notice, Dr. Eubanks can discuss a variety of entrepreneurial topics, especially dealing with entrepreneurs and their human resources development.
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