--- YVCC Foundation Scholarship applications for 2015-2016 will be available Januray 5, 2015---

The Yakima Valley Community College Foundation has administrative responsibility for a large number of scholarship funds, many of which are listed in the YVCC catalog. Anyone wishing to apply for any or all of these scholarships should fill out only one official YVCC Foundation Scholarship Application Form, and mail or submit it to the YVCC Foundation Office. If any of the scholarships seem to uniquely fit the applicant, that should be noted on the form.

There are many other scholarships operated directly through departments, by local companies, local service clubs, and by national organizations. The YVCC Foundation does not have involvement with these programs, but all persons interested in attending YVCC are encouraged to explore several scholarship sources. High school seniors seeking scholarships to Yakima Valley Community College should also contact their high school counselors.

View our list of available scholarships: