​​​How to Request a Testing Appointment

1. Send a test request: 
  • Your test request must be in ONE EMAIL with your instructor’s email address (example tsmith@yvcc.edu) and cc dss@yvcc.edu. Your email should be formatted in the following way:
Subject: Test Request
Body of Email: Please include the following information: ​

  • Date of test 
  • Time you are requesting to take the test 
  • Instructor name 
  • Course name (ie English 102)​

2. IMPORTANT: ​ Your appointment is NOT SCHEDULED until you receive this confirmation email from DSS@yvcc.edu

Important Reminders

Exam start times must fall between: 8:00-10:00am or 12:45-3:00pm

Testing FAQ’s

  • Must I schedule my testing appointment at the same time as my class? 
    • Yes, it best to schedule to take you test/exam at the same time as class if possible. You might want to ask your instructor if it’s possible to take it at a different time.
  • How late can I schedule my appointment? 
    • You must schedule 24hrs in advance. Your test request must be emailed before 2pm.​

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