Yakima Valley Community College
Disability Support Services
Guide for Obtaining Documentation of Disability and
Recommendations for Reasonable Accommodations

If you are a qualified student with a disability requesting reasonable accommodations, this is the process to formalize your request:

Bring or mail formal documentation of your disability and recommended accommodations to:

Marc Coomer
Director for Disability Support Services (DSS)
P.O. Box 22520
Yakima, WA 98907-2520

Disability Category Professional Providers to be consulted
ADD, ADHD Psychologist, Psychiatrist, High School Records
Emotional Disability Psychologist, Psychiatrist
Visual Impairment Ophthalmologist
Hearing Impairment Audiologist, Certified Otologist
Learning Disability Psychologist, Neuropsychiatrist, School
Psychologist, Learning Disability Specialist
Physician, Nurse Practitioner
  1. Diagnosis of disability must be clear and specific.

    Example: J.B has a 60% hearing loss in his left ear and 100% hearing loss in his right ear.
  1. Include specific recommendations for classroom accommodations or other physical access needs.

    Example: Maria will need more time for testing, up to 1 & 1/2 time, a quiet location, and a copy of the class notes to prepare for exams.

  1. Learning Disabilities Assessment MUST include:
  • WRAT-R or WRAT-111 or Woodcock Johnson or Woodcock Johnson-R
  • Raw Data and Interpretation
  • Specific recommendations can be based on interpreted tests. These recommendations can be based on or taken from a copy of school IEP.
  • Testing conducted within the last 3 years. Testing should include an IQ test within the last three years and an Achievement Test within the last year.