Disability Support Services FAQs



What kinds of accommodations does DSS offer?

DSS offers a wide range of accommodations. Appropriate accommodations are determined based on each student's disability and the supporting documentation. Some of the more common accommodations are:

  • Extended time/quiet environment on exams
  • Notetaker/ recorded lectures
  • Reader/scribe
  • Adaptive technology
  • ASL interpreter
  • Extended time/quiet environment on exams
  • eText


What documentation do I need to provide to DSS?

Students must provide current documentation of the disability (documentation is usually within 3 years). The documentation needs to be from a qualified professional (physician, psychologist, certified counselor, etc.) and needs to include:

  • The nature of the disability and how it impacts the student's ability to participate in major life activities.
  • Results of assessments used to diagnose the disability.
  • Medications prescribed relating to the disability and how they may impact the student's ability to participate in classes.
  • A recommendation of accommodations or academic adjustments that may offset the effects of the disability.


How do I obtain documentation?

YVC does not evaluate students for disability. The student must provide documentation, which should be available from wherever your disability was diagnosed; your doctor, counselor, HS, etc.
If you have not been diagnosed with a disability, but believe you have one, you may want to meet with a qualified professional to have them assess whether you do have a disability. Sometimes agencies such as Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health can facilitate this process.

Does DSS have funds available to assist with my education?

DSS provides its services at no cost to the student. We do not have funding available to assist with the cost of attending college. Financial aid and scholarship information is available through the Financial Aid office in the Deccio Building.


Does DSS offer tutoring?

​DSS does not provide tutoring as an accommodation. It is an academic support service available to all students attending YVC. However, we do encourage students to utilize the various support services available.
Yakima Campus:

  • Tutoring Center (Raymond Library, R201)
  • Online Tutoring (Accessed through tutoring webpage)
  • Math Center (Glenn-Anthon, G101)
  • Writing Center (Glenn-Anthon, G125)
  • Speech Lab (Martin-Palmer M202)
  • Computer Lab (Raymond Hall)
  • Counseling & Advising Center (Deccio, C164)
  • Library Workshops (Raymond Library)

Grandview Campus:

  • Online Tutoring (Access through tutoring webpage)
  • Math Lab (L102)
  • Writing Center (L101)
  • Counseling & Advising Center (L121)