TRiO SSS Program​ Services

The following services are available to students who participate in the TRiO SSS Program:

Academic and Career Counseling:
Our counselors offer guidance to you as you are making decisions about your educational and career goals.

All TRiO SSS participants qualify for one-on-one tutoring free of charge.  Tutoring is available at both the Yakima and Grandview Campuses.

Book Loans:
YVC's tutoring center has a substantial textbook library open to all students, where TRIO students have priority for borrowing books. The tutoring center tries to provide at least one text book each quarter to TRIO students (availability limited to stock-on-hand; donations of used texts are accepted). ​

University Visits:
TRiO SSS hosts visits to 4-year institutions during the school year. Presentations are made by each university's Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office, and other areas of interest to the students on the tour.

College Orientation Classes:
These classes can provide you with information on credits, degree requirements, campus services, class selection, study skills, financial aid, health services, learning styles, career awareness, and job readiness.

Math Supplements:
TRiO SSS supplements address foundational development, anxiety, and accessing resources for math. When you take your first math class, you have access to the supplement and a loaner text book. Early registration is available to ensure proper scheduling.

Assistance with Degree Audits/Educational Plans:
Our advisors will help you develop an Education Plan. By mapping out your courses you will have a clear picture of what you need to do and how long it will take to earn your degree.

Academic Early Warning (AEW):
If an instructor identifies areas for improvement through AEW, we will connect you with the resources necessary to provide assistance with your classes.

Learning Skills Workshops:
Based on the needs of our TRiO SSS students, workshops may be offered in:

  • Test Taking
  • Improving Your Memory
  • Instant Study Tips
  • Math Anxiety
  • Writing a Research Paper
  • Decision Making
  • Reading for College
  • Beat Procrastination
  • Learning Styles
  • Financing College
  • Applying for Scholarships

Financial Aid Workshops:

Assistance is provided to students who need financial resources in order to pursue their educational program at YVC. A financial literacy program entitled "CashCourse" is encouraged for all TRiO students.