Program Description
The WorkFirst Team at Yakima Valley Community College believes in providing
 families with the services and support they need to "get a job, get a better job, and get a better life!"  

One of the best ways to reach this goal is through education and training.  At Yakima Valley Community College, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) recipients can gain the skills they need to prepare for a better job.

TANF parents can achieve their educational goals by enrolling in a variety of vocational  and  training programs.  WorkFirst students are also eligible to receive financial assistance to  pay for tuition, fees and books.

Education and Training programs offered at YVCC include: 

      • High Wage/High Demand, I-BEST, and/or Vocational Education
      • Basic Skills, ESL and/or Skills Enhancement Training
      • Customized Job Skills Training (CJST) 

 For more information on education and training programs,

click on the following link:

 Career Connections Center

Contact the Career Connection Center at: 509-574-4911

      For more information on available vocational trainings at

the Career Connection Center
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Customized Job Skills Training

  To apply for WorkFirst financial aid, please click on link below:       


     Contact the Special Funding Office at: 509-574-4977