• Career Coach.PNGWelcome to Career Coach

    Career Coach is the perfect tool to explore your ideal career and the education and training necessary to help you reach your goals. Career Coach is tailored to our region and provides employment trends, job opportunities, earnings potential and the education available in our area.

  • Explore Careers

    Research your career interests, or take a career assessment if you don’t know where to start. Learn about each career’s typical tasks and requirements to gauge what would be a good fit.

  • Check the Data

    Evaluate careers based on how well they pay and whether or not that field is expected to grow.
    See which companies do the most hiring ​and explore live job postings to learn what they want from employees.

  • Choose a Path

    Explore the available degrees that lead to the career you want, and choose the education path that best fits your needs.
    Request more information from YVC or apply directly through the program page.
  • Get Started

    1. Watch the intro video on the Career Coach start page.
    2. Enter your desired career field or degree.
    3. Click on the job titles or programs that interest you.
    4. Don’t forget to create your resume.
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