Graduation ​​FAQs

comencement 2015

Where do I get a degree application?
Degree applications can be printed from our website or they can be picked up from your advisor or the Registration Office.

I transferred from a semester school and some of my classes were 4.5 quarter credits. Will they count as a 5 credit class?
No, but you may make up the .5 credit difference with elective credits.

What is the minimum GPA that is required to graduate?
A 2.0 overall YVCC college level GPA is the required minimum.

How will I know when my application has been processed?
Applications are reviewed within a week from the time they are received in the Registration Office in Yakima. If there is a need to make any adjustments, you will receive a letter. If you do not hear from us, your application is in order.

What if I realize that I will not be finished in the quarter that I have applied for?
Contact Maria Lund at 509.574.4703 or at to have your application moved to the correct quarter.

What if I finish a quarter earlier than what I applied for?
Applications are only reviewed twice - initially, when they are received, and at the end of the quarter you applied for. If your graduation date changes, it is important that you contact Maria Lund at 509.574.4703 or at so that your application can be reviewed at the end of the correct quarter.

When will my degree be posted on my transcript?
Usually degrees are posted within two weeks after the grades for the quarter appear on the transcript. You can check to see if your degree has been posted by looking at your unofficial transcript online. The degree will appear at the end of the transcript.

How do I get an unofficial transcript?
From our home page click on Registration, Transcripts, and Unofficial Transcript.

How soon can I order an official transcript with the degree posted?
If you are transferring to another institution or need the transcript for work-related purposes, request it ahead of time and be sure to mark the box indicating that you want it to be held until the degree has been posted .

How long will it take for me to receive my diploma?
Diplomas are mailed approximately two months after the end of the quarter. Make sure your address in the system is up to date.

I graduated Fall/Winter Quarter and already received my diploma in a flat mailer. How do I get a cover?
Diploma covers are handed out during commencement. If you choose not to walk, you may pick up a cover at the Registration Office starting the day after commencement (June 12). Bring photo ID. Spring and Summer Quarter graduates who do not participate in commencement will be sent their diploma in a cover.

Whom can I talk to in person if I have other problems or questions?
You can talk to your advisor. Contact information is listed on your class schedule. Or you may visit the Counseling Office in Deccio 164 or call them at 509.574.4956.

When is commencement?
Date: June 11, 2015
Time: 7pm
Location: Parker Field

Who can participate in the commencement ceremony?
Students who have completed the requirements and have turned in a certificate or associate degree application for: Fall 2014, Winter, Spring or Summer 2015 may participate in the ceremony. Fall 2015 graduates do have the option to walk in June, 2015, but they need to make special arrangements by contacting Maria Lund at 509-574-4703 or no later than May 29th.

Where do I get commencement ceremony information?
Information will be emailed to you in early April. (Make sure your email address is up to date). Information will also be posted on our website.

Where do I register for commencement?
If you have applied for graduation, you do not need to register for commencement. Only Fall 2015 graduates need to contact Maria Lund no later than May 29th if they are planning on walking this year.

How many guests tickets do I get and where do I pick them up?
Each graduate can have up to six tickets. You can pick them up in the Registration Office starting May 15th.

What if I need more than six tickets?
There will be a waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis. When you come to pick up your six tickets, sign up on the waitlist indicating how many more you need. (Sorry, waitlist is now closed. Graduates have already requested over 600 extra tickets).
Graduates have until 4pm Wednesday, June 10th to pick up their tickets. After that, we will start assigning the extras based on the waitlist. We will e-mail you after 4pm on Wednesday, June 10th letting you know whether you'll be able to pick up extra tickets or not.

How late can I apply and still take part in commencement?
The deadline to apply and still walk is May 29th.

Will my name appear on the commencement booklet?
Students who have turned in a certificate or associate degree application for the current academic year (Fall 2014, Winter, Spring or Summer 2015) by the May 4th deadline will be listed on the commencement booklet. Fall 2015 degrees and certificates will be listed in next year's commencement booklet.

I missed the deadline and my name will not be on the commencement booklet. Does that mean I cannot walk or my name won't be read?
The booklet's list is not a roll of students who will participate in commencement; rather, it is a roster of everyone who turned in a graduation application for the current academic year. You can still participate in commencement provided your graduation application was received by May 29th. During check-in all graduates will be given a card with their name, degree and hometown. They will hand that card to the announcer just prior to crossing the platform, and it will be read as they walk.