Thursday, June 15, 2017  7:00pm

 Yakima Valley SunDome

1301 South Fair Avenue
Yakima, WA

we hope that you will take
part in the celebration and invite your
family and friends to join you

 Participation in Commencement

Commencement is held once a year. Students who will have completed the requirements and have turned in a certificate, associate or bachelor degree application for fall 2016, winter, spring or summer 2017 may register to participate in the ceremony. To register log into your Student Portal, click on Registration (in red) and then on Commencement Registration (bottom right box). Fall 2017 graduates do have the option to walk in this year's ceremony but they need to be aware that their information will not appear in the commencement booklet because they are not officially graduating until the next academic year; their name and degree will be included in the 2018 commencement booklet. 

* The last day to turn in a graduation application and register to participate in the ceremony was May 31st. No late applications are accepted.

Graduation Candidates List

Students who turn in their graduation application by the March 3rd deadline will be able to proofread their information before the commencement booklet is printed. The list will be available from April 3rd through May 10th in the computer kiosks in the HUB and Registration Office, and in the Technology Complex; in Grandview, it will be in the Student Services Office. Please note that only the degrees and certificates for the current academic year (fall 2016 through summer 2017) will be listed. The last day to make changes or be added to the list is May 10th.

​Caps, Gowns & Tassels

Caps & gowns for both, bachelor and associate graduates, will be available for purchase at the commencement fairs in Yakima and in Grandview. If you are not able to attend, you will be able to purchase your cap & gown in the bookstore in Yakima starting on April 21st.  The cost is $30.98 plus tax for cap and gown only. Tassels are sold separately starting at $6.98 plus tax each; extra tassels will be available for purchase as well. Caps and gowns are not required to participate in the commencement ceremony.


Commencement is the culminating celebration to recognize those students who have completed the requirements for certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees.  The central focus of commencement is academic achievement. The design and colors of gowns, hoods, and caps signify the level of the degree, the level of achievement, and the specific academic discipline.  In addition, we have used cords to recognize outstanding achievement through honors and high honors, medallions to recognize the All Washington Academic Team Awardees, and stoles to recognize Phi Theta Kappa members and student government officers.  In order for these to be special and meaningful, we ask that students refrain from wearing other unauthorized cords, medallions or stoles that are unrelated to student achievement.  We want to maintain the traditions that have made commencement a special milestone of success for college graduates throughout history.

Dress in nice street clothes or program uniforms; no jeans, please. Wear sensible shoes; you will be climbing the stairs to the stage and descending back to your seat on the arena floor.


Graduates who are registered to walk and could not attend a commencement fair will be able to pick up five free invitations at the Registration Office in Yakima and at the front desk in Grandview. Additional packets of five are available in the Yakima bookstore for $6.98 plus tax. Invitations must be picked up in the campus you indicated on your commencement registration. Bring photo ID. Invitations are not required for admission to the ceremony.


Wednesday, June 14, 12:00-1:00pm,  Sherar Gym, Yakima Campus

Your attendance is essential to ensure a smooth commencement ceremony. Graduating students are invited to an ASYVC Student Government hosted luncheon immediately following rehearsal. Come and enjoy good food and great company!

Honor Cords

Graduates with exceptional academic qualifications who are completing an associate/bachelor degree or a certificate requiring 45 or more credits may have earned the privilege of wearing honor cords.

Honors and high honors are based on the cumulative college-level grade point average through winter quarter. Spring quarter is not included in calculating the GPA because grades have not yet been submitted.

Because the honors/high honors designations are granted by YVC, transfer credits are not used in calculating Grade Point Averages (GPA).

  • A cumulative college-level GPA of 3.85 or higher earns High Honors.
  • A cumulative college-level GPA of 3.40 to 3.84 earns Honors.

There is no charge for honor cords, and they are yours to keep. You may pick them up after rehearsal between 1:00-1:30pm in the HUB or before the ceremony at the check-in table. Please keep in mind that honor cords picked up after rehearsal and lost or fogotten on the day of the ceremony will not be replaced.

No Assigned Seating

There is no assigned seating for students participating in commencement. You are welcome to sit next to friends and classmates. 


Graduates receive their diploma cover during commencement, one cover per graduate. The diplomas are mailed approximately two months after the end of the quarter in which the student graduates. 


Cameras are allowed in the SunDome. Guests can photograph graduates but cannot come onto the arena floor. Parsons Photography will be taking individual student photographs from 5:00-6:30pm in the SunDome. Photos will be available for graduates and their families. Pre-order packets will be available at the commencement fairs. After April 21st they will be at the Hub information desk. For more information contact Parsons Photography at 1.800.846.8469 or at www.parsonsphotography.com.

Our Community Relations staff will be taking additional pictures during the ceremony. These images will be available on our website (www.yvcc.edu/commencement) by June 30th.


Guests can start arriving at 6:00pm. Children are welcome, but keep in mind that the ceremony is lengthy. If your guests have difficulty climbing stairs, please make sure they arrive early for better seating. The concession stand will not be open for the ceremony. Water will be available for purchase benefitting the Alumni Association Scholarship.

Important:  Strollers are not allowed on the bleachers, and no balloons are allowed inside the Yakima Valley SunDome.

Special Accommodations

If special accommodations are needed for you or your guests, please contact Jennifer Townsend at 509.574.4961. YVC does provide an American Sign Language Interpreter who will be visible in the two projection screens during the  ceremony.


Parking is available at the Yakima SunDome at no charge. 


The SunDome is a non-smoking area. Please inform your guests that smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

Driving Directions to the SunDome

From I-82 North

  • West on I-82 toward Prosser/Yakima.  In Yakima take Exit #34 West
  • Turn left onto E. Nob Hill Boulevard
  • Turn right onto S. 10th Street/S. Fair Avenue

From I-82 South

  • South on I-82, South exit at Ellensburg to Yakima.  In Yakima taken Exit #33A West
  • Turn right onto E. Nob Hill Boulevard
  • Turn right onto S. 10th Street/S. Fair Avenue

​ Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding commencement, please contact the Registration Office at 509.574.4700