Commencement Schedule


Because tickets are required for admission to this year's ceremony, it is important that you enter the field wearing your cap & gown. If you are not wearing a cap & gown, please make sure you arrive early. Ushers will need to verify that you are on the graduates' list before you can enter the field.

Graduates' check-in begins at the table on the 3rd base line. Please arrive no later than 6:30pm. Line up by last name and pick up your name card.

Name cards are used by the announcer as graduates cross the platform. Please verify your information. It will be read as it is presented on the card. If you would like to ensure the correct pronunciation of your name, please stop by the announcer's station. If needed, she will help you write it phonetically at the bottom of your card.

The photographer will be at the far end of the field. Line up if you'd like to have your picture taken.



Line up in center field for the processional.



Commencement ceremony begins. It lasts approximately two hours.


Immediately Following the Ceremony

A reception honoring all graduates is held in the HUB. To avoid congestion in the stadium, graduates are encouraged to meet with their guests by the clock tower or inside the HUB where refreshments will be served.