​​​College Level Examination Program

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations are based on undergraduate courses offered during the first two years of college study.

They are developed by college instructors for the purpose of awarding college credit. Like end-of-course examinations, CLEP exams demand comprehensive subject knowledge. Both CLEP subject and general examinations yield credit at YVCC when satisfactory performance levels are reached.
Successfully completed CLEP exams receive S grades. Total credits obtained through all alternative (non-class) methods such as CLEP, are limited to 45.

Examination scores must be at the 50th percentile or greater. Level 2 language scores must be at the following percentiles or greater: 
French, 59; German, 60; and Spanish, 63.

Students must successfully complete one quarter at YVCC before CLEP credits will be placed on their transcript.​